N.I.G is a socio-cultural and the umbrella organisation of all Igbo associations in Germany

Igbo Comm. Union SW. Germany e.V Freiburg

Igbo Community Union, South-West Germany is registered under Nr. 3650 in Amtsgerischt Freiburg as a social cultural and non-profit making, and non-political organisation with headquaters in Freiburg i.Breisgau, Germany. Our major aim is to foster unity among Umuigbo (and others) and to promote Igbo / Nigeria's Arts, Image, Culture andTradition in an objective manner including various social activities within and outside the Federal Republic of Germany.
We aim to encourage and promote goodwill and better understanding between Ndigbo, Nigerians, Germans and other International Communities. We are of igbo descent from the southeast part of Nigeria living in Germany.

About us

It is said in Igboland that a Kite does not get ensnared in a far-flung place. This old Igbo adage plays a vital role in the life of every son-of-the-soil living outside his home town. Ndigbo at all times still practice the Jewish tradition as depicted in the old Testament of burying their dead among their ancestors. Owing partially to this old tradition, the Igbo Community Union Southwest Germany e.V was formed in 2001 when a beloved brother, George Onwu lost his life in Freiburg. The sad incident necessitated an emergency meeting of most of Igbo people living in Freiburg and its environ. At the gathering, Umuigbo raised the fund (largely through donations) desperately needed to bring the remains of the deceased back to his town, Ufuma in Anambra State, Nigeria. That gesture all but tresses the fact that Ndigbo in general do not take the issue of death lightly. Mere thought of death makes us uncomfortable because no one knows who is going to be the next victim. The response and reaction to that sad call was so overwhelming that it's there and then decided to form a full-fledged union capable of handling such inevitable eventuality in the future. That particular day has been a remarkable one in our lives because that fire of brother-hood ignited on that fateful day has been unquenchably kept burning in us irrespective of the circumstance. The union of brotherhood is then formed to guarantee that no one abandons his brother in any adverse moments. That is to say-an Igbo man must at all times be his brother's keeper - and this is again what we mean when we say - 'Onye aghala Nwanne ya’.

Odenigbo Cultural Group Freiburg

Our Cultural group potrays the exotic cultural heritage of Ndigbo. Music which is an integral part of our culture is artistically being played with drums, wooden gongs, metal gongs, Bonga, flutes etc. and our diverse dance performances originate from all parts of Igbo-land.

Music plays a vital role in our lives and dancing is a means of expressing our happiness and exhibiting our cultural inheritance. We derive immense joy from dancing.ICUSWFreiburg



Chairman - Mr. Charles Eneiga
Vice-Chairman - Mr. Johnatan Oguejiofor
General Secretary - Mr.Peter Ekpeke Oguama
Assistant Secretary - Nze Monday Ogbonna
Publicity Secretary - Mr. Charles Okeke
Financial Secretary - Mr. Eke Echeme
Treasurer - Mr. Victor Okolie
Social / Cultural Secretary - Mr. Sunday Nweke
Provost - Mr. Ngozi Ogbolu
Assistant Provost - Mr. Chigozie Okeke  



Represented by: Charles Eneiga (Chairman)

Tel.: +49 1521 70 11 774
Web: www.igbounionfreiburg.com
email: igbocomuswg@yahoo.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Igbounionfreiburg
Reg.: Amtsgericht Freiburg, Nr.3650


Igbo Community Union South - West Germany e.V
Sulzburger Str. 18
79114 Freiburg
Postfach 0955
79009 Freiburg, Germany

Voluntary donations and Bank payments

Bank Contact:
Igbo Community Union Southwest Germany e.V
IBAN: DE03 6809 00000017 8600 03