N.I.G is a socio-cultural and the umbrella organisation of all Igbo associations in Germany

Ndigbo Germany condemn  killings of in Abia

In a related move, the leadership of Ndigbo Germany, the umbrella association of all Igbo unions in Germany, yesterday, condemned the killing of Igbo youths in Abia by the military.

In a   statement signed by Peter Eze, Co-ordinator, Ndigbo Germany Inc. Frankfurt, Germany, the group condemned what it called the invasion of the Igbo territory of South-Eastern Nigeria by the fully armed military of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

The satement read:  “We take cognizance of the provocation, intimidation, brutalization and killings of the civilian population of largely Igbo ethnicity carried out by the fully armed military of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria. 

“We note with apprehension the possibility of a resultant breakdown in law and order due to unpredictable and uncontrollable angry reactions by a provoked civilian population that fears itself to be facing state-sponsored destruction, coupled with the attendant unnecessary conflicts that could be triggered off between different ethnic nationalities.

“We observe with horror the body language and actions of the fully armed military of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which suggest that it is preparing to use this deliberately provoked chaos in the South-East as a deceitful mock-excuse to launch a full scale, scorched earth, genocidal offensive against the civilian population of mainly Igbo ethnicity in South-Eastern Nigeria.”