N.I.G is a socio-cultural and the umbrella organisation of all Igbo associations in Germany

Ndi-Igbo Germany rejects fake Eze

The Apex Igbo Organisation in Germany, Ndi-Igbo Germany (NIG) e.V rejects anyone who parades himself as Eze or King in Germany. NIG warns the general Public especially the Nigerian Embassy in Germany, Igbo State Governments and Politicians to beware of such “impostor”.

Ndi-Igbo Germany has never at anything nominated talkless of appointing anyone Eze, nor do they recognise such Post. 

NIG RESOLUTION: Chief, Ozo, Red Cap and other Traditional Igbo Titles:

  • Ndi-Igbo Germany is no kingmaker and as such do not confer traditional Igbo titles
  • Traditional Igbo titles are conferred on Igbo sons and daughter, who have distinguished themselves in their communities back home as a mark of recognition 


The Umbrella Organization of Igbos in Germany -Ndi-Igbo Germany (NIG) - hereby notifies the general public about the activities of a few merchants of deceit hibernating, under the name of Igbozurume Germany, claiming to speak for Ndi-Igbo in Germany and parading titles including a claim to Eze Ndi-Igbo Germany.
Ndi-Igbo Germany Organization hereby categorically states the following; 

  • Any organization other than Ndi-Igbo Germany (NIG) which is a representative council of all Igbo Organizations in Germany cannot speak for every Igbo person in Germany 
  • NIG respects the rich cultural integrity of Ndi-Igbo and cannot identify with acts that amount to commercialization of Ezeship. Nobody of Igbo descent   living in Germany has been conferred with “Eze” title by Ndị-Igbo in Germany because that would negate the principles of Ezeship in the Igbo socio-political system
  • NIG is not party to any planned seminar in the city of Hamburg on the 18th of August as has been wrongly implied by dubious insinuations of Igbozurume Germany neither is NIG a part of any planned coronation of Ezeigbo Germany
  •  Anybody parading himself as Ezeigbo Germany is not only purging on ignorance but is also poking on a very costly sacrilege. Associating with such a character should be vehemently avoided.
  • Leaders and Politicians from South East Nigeria are hereby advised to ignore any invitation from Germany on any Igbo related matter that does not come from Ndị-Igbo Germany Organization (NIG). 

Date: 09.08.2013


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